Fulfillment Kitting & Assembly

Neesvig’s has over three decades of expertise with kitting and assembling food items and other products. Whether it’s just a couple of pieces per package or dozens, we are accurate, flexible and economical.

Warehouse space for inventory and packaging can be expensive. Rent, labor, utilities, inventory control and transportation costs all affect your supply chain’s bottom line. That means if you’re paying for it all yourself you could see less profit per order. By outsourcing your Kitting and Assembly operations to Neesvig’s you save money by sharing those costs with our other clients. You only pay for the storage space and other cost centers you use, and you’re getting the benefit and peace-of-mind of an experienced and efficient company managing your Kitting and Assembly projects.

Call us at (608) 846-1160 Ext. 312 or fill out our online contact form for more information on how we can help your bottom-line.