Our fulfillment services are only part of the story. In order to get the most from your dollars, you need a cost-effective solution to store and handle your inventory. Why pay a third-party warehousing company to store your inventory and another company to deliver it to your fulfillment operation when you can solve all of these logistical hassles with one solution? With our three storage facilities and our own in-house transport company, Neesvig's is your answer!

We’ve highlighted some of our key solutions below.

  • We operate three local facilities with a combined total of over seventy-thousand square feet of available space.
  • All locations have a ceiling height of over twenty-five feet.
  • Two of our lots can accommodate twenty tractor-trailers.
  • All of our storage facilities are temperature controlled and monitored 24/7. Alarm systems assure that the slightest deviation from optimal temperature levels are addressed without delay. Refrigerated loading docks, production areas, and drop ship assembly lines support product integrity.
  • Our combined cold storage slots exceed ten thousand, with the added advantage of efficient space optimization that reduces handling and increases inventory turns.
  • Our in-house transport company makes daily pick-ups and product transfers between facilities, saving shipping costs.

Call us at (608) 846-1160 Ext. 312 or fill out our online contact form for more information on how we can help your bottom-line.